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  • Video Engages Better. Online Video Makes it Practical.

    Enrich your classroom with videos from our rich libraries of online resources.

    Online video is a cost-effective way to enrich the classroom experience.

    "Reach children with a variety of learning styles, especially visual learners, and students with a variety of information acquisition styles"
    "No matter who has to stay at home — teacher or student — [video] helps close up any gaps in lessons that result from absences."


    "Engaging, standards-aligned rich media and interactive digital textbooks, coupled professional development and assessment services, take students beyond the classroom."
  • Why Are We Using More Video? We're Flipping Out!!

    Of course, there is no reason to Flip 100% or to do it all tomorrow. The idea is to use the techniques that will best suit your students. For some teachers, that means pushing the entire lecture into video. For most teachers, though, some video at home frees time for coaching during class. As time goes on, students get used to the new practices and want more interaction during class.

    "This allows students to get individual time in class to work with their teacher on key learning activities."
    "By flipping, we increased our standardize scores enough to be removed from the State of Michigan's PLA List!!!!"
    "'Kids want to take an active part in the learning process,' he said. 'Now teachers are actually working with kids.'"

    Our online video vendor, Learn360, brings your decisions down to the basics: What's best for the student. In this case, you gain access to a huge library of learning content indexed by educational topic, including Common Core Standards.

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  • FLIP'ing At Home!

    Our video content products are fabulous in the classroom, that's for sure. Students are more engaged and retain more from video than any other information presentation medium. But more and more, teachers want to spend their classroom time engaged with students, working on higher-level skills and making sure each student is learning at his or her own optimal pace.

    Enter Moodle, today's premier tool for remote education. Schools around the country are using it to engage students who can't come to a building. But, teachers are also using Moodle to extend the classroom to the student's home. Whether in a formal, district-wide program or as a tool to allow the teacher to reach students at home, excellent educational content is the key to better student engagement.

    Learn360 offers excellent integration with Moodle allowing you to generate lessons based on video with style and grace.

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  • Learn360 Online Video Resources

    Taking learning beyond the Classroom

    Learn360 is an interactive media-on-demand service for the K-12 education market, providing teachers and students the power to meet and exceed 21st century educational expectations across all curriculums. Through streaming video, audio and accompanying support materials, Learn360 supports web-based learning by providing an online collaborative environment where users can share information and ideas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Content is correlated to State, Common Core and Provincial standards, as well as 21st century learning initiatives, and can be further adapted to meet the demands of local school districts and individual teacher curricula.